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Suffolk University

Increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Suffolk University is located in Boston, MA and has a student population of just over 8,000 students. The challenge facing Suffolk University was its requirements to adhere to the address formatting standards of the City of Boston. Suffolk University needed a quick and seamless solution to meet the address formatting standards requirements for the City of Boston while also maintaining the standard without undertaking the monumental task of correcting and formatting all of the student addresses in their Colleague® by Ellucian® Student Information System.

Runner Enterprise Data Quality (Runner EDQ) has integrated contact data quality solutions for all channels of communications to engage students throughout their lifecycle at an institution.

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Runner Enterprise Data Quality (Runner EDQ) has contact data quality solutions for all channels of communications for engaging students throughout their lifecycle at an institution.

Suffolk University chose Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Address® for its Colleague® by Ellucian® Student Information System as its integrated, enterprise-wide solution. By using CLEAN_Address to validate both domestic and international addresses in real-time and in batch within the Colleague Student Information System, Suffolk University was able to meet all of the address formatting requirements for the City of Boston while eliminating their data quality issues at an enterprise-wide level. Suffolk University used CLEAN_Address integrated in Colleague and combined that with Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_File for dealing with imported lists to maintain address formatting, eliminate incorrect addresses, increase engagement and reduce the costs associated with their data integrity issues.

FIU required a robust and integrated enterprise-wide address verification solution to deal with the data integrity for its high volumes of imported prospect lists, enrolled students and employees in its Student Information System called “PantherSoft”, FIU’s branded Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solution application. Data quality issues were cited throughout the institution as being problematic in specific areas at FIU including the Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Enrollment Management, Human Resources and Parking. Each area affected was less efficient, less cost effective and heavily reliant on manual corrections after receiving a returned piece of mail due to postal address deliverability issues.

Key Takeaways


Decrease Costs

Documented 30% annual savings attributed to address verification


Reduce Returns

Reduced undeliverable-as-addressed mail representing ~$500K


Save Postage

$100K reduction of postage costs equaling $2.00 per student / year


Stay Consistent

Eliminated the need to manually correct or format addresses.


The implementation of CLEAN_Address made it quick and easy for Suffolk University to validate prospect and student addresses while adhering to the City of Boston’s address formatting standard. By maintaining the address formatting standard, Suffolk University was able to increase student communications and avoid any fines from the City of Boston associated with address formatting errors as part of the City’s stringent reporting requirements. Additionally, Suffolk University has been able to assign preferred city names for its alumni who were wanting to keep prominent city names versus the default city names assigned to them due to the ZIP Code™ they lived in as assigned by the United States Postal Service.

By using Runner EDQ’s solutions Suffolk University was able to meet and exceed their original need while almost eliminating the numerous costs associated with inaccurate addresses. With the reduction of returned mail, manual entry efforts and the avoidance of potential fines by the City of Boston, Suffolk University has saved significant amounts of money per year while communicating better with its prospect and enrolled students as well as its alumni.

CLEAN_Student Can Help you Reach your Students

Every aspect of the Student Lifecycle hinges on having correct contact data. The consequences of having incorrect contact data costs your institution time, money, and opportunity. CLEAN_Student can help your school save time and costs.

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