Runner EDQ Case Study

Florida International University

Increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Florida International University has used CLEAN_Address® for the last 10 years and has enjoyed the benefits through the implementation of Runner EDQ’s solutions at the University. The value realized by FIU is well- documented and its initiatives using the data provided by Runner EDQ has enabled the University to maintain efficiency in many areas while increasing its ability to engage both students and employees.


Florida International University (FIU) located in Miami, Florida boasts a diverse enrollment of more than 50,000 students. FIU is the nation’s fourth largest public university, number one in awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees to Hispanic students and number eight among international business programs. There are more than 200,000 FIU alumni and more than 100,000 students will graduate in the next decade. It’s easy to understand why data quality was so critical to the University as it felt it was losing money and opportunities due to a lack of data integrity.

FIU required a robust and integrated enterprise-wide address verification solution to deal with the data integrity for its high volumes of imported prospect lists, enrolled students and employees in its Student Information System called “PantherSoft”, FIU’s branded Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solution application. Data quality issues were cited throughout the institution as being problematic in specific areas at FIU including the Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Enrollment Management, Human Resources and Parking. Each area affected was less efficient, less cost effective and heavily reliant on manual corrections after receiving a returned piece of mail due to postal address deliverability issues.

Runner Enterprise Data Quality (Runner EDQ) has integrated contact data quality solutions for all channels of communications for engaging students throughout their lifecycle at an institution.

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FIU installed Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Address for its PantherSoft (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) Student Information System as its integrated, enterprise-wide solution. By using CLEAN_Address to validate both domestic and international addresses in real-time and in batch within PantherSoft, FIU was able to eliminate its data quality issues at an enterprise-wide level and mitigate the address data integrity problems that was affecting the business processes throughout the University.

FIU used CLEAN_Address integrated in PantherSoft and combined that with Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_File for dealing with imported lists to eliminate incorrect addresses, increase engagement and greatly reduce the costs associated with data integrity issues.

Key Takeaways


Decrease Costs

Documented 30% annual savings attributed to address verification


Reduce Returns

Reduced undeliverable-as-addressed mail representing ~$500K


Save Postage

$100K reduction of postage costs equaling $2.00 per student / year


Stay Consistent

Eliminated the need to manually correct or format addresses.


There are numerous costs and lost opportunities associated with inaccurate addresses in a database. With the reduction of returned mail, FIU has communicated better with its prospect and enrolled students, as well as its employees. Additionally, FIU has used the functionality, data and reports CLEAN_Address delivers to identify population sets around the University, influenced student and faculty housing, along with being a critical component for its car-pooling initiatives.

CLEAN_Student Can Help you Reach your Students

Every aspect of the Student Lifecycle hinges on having correct contact data. The consequences of having incorrect contact data costs your institution time, money, and opportunity. CLEAN_Student can help your school save time and costs.

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